New Technology



This new device allows our opticians to provide the highest levels of professional customer service to our eyewear buyers. The OptikamPad software provides precise measurements for our opticians and is one of the most helpful tools in the industry because it enhances our patients understanding of their lens options. From cosmetic appeal to lens thickness, the OptikamPad can manipulate our patients prescription right on an ipad, to illustrate their eyewear selection and ultimately helps support their buying decision. Patients can even email their different frame selections to their friends and family right from the device to get an instant second opinion! When it comes to technology, our office is fortunate enough to enjoy the best available. We recently added the Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherence Tomographer. This amazing instrument is capable of evaluating retinal tissue on a cellular level. Its unprecedented precision reveals details leading to early detection of diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy just to mention a few. We also offer the latest generation of the amazing optomap technology in the Optomap p200. Our version of the instrument provides high definition images of the retina. Learn More... A picture is worth a thousand words. Our IDOC biomicroscope digital camera is capable of capturing images of the eye with 40X magnification. By photographing the eye it is much easier to show eye conditions and explain treatment options.